Farm Women Rock: Meet Cyndi Pointer

We’re lucky to have smart, strong and unstoppable women working at our company, both in our building and on our farm. Our latest addition is Assistant Farm Manager Cyndi Pointer, who’s one of our best tractor drivers and fence builders and does it all with love and devotion.

In addition to her skills on this rig, her many talents include greenhouse management, crop planning, organization of field cultivation and holistic animal husbandry.

Cyndi also brings to Oregon’s Wild Harvest skills experience teaching Biodynamic prep making, season extension planning, and compost management. She completed a four year, on-farm Biodynamic apprenticeship, and worked at the Rudolf Steiner College /Meristem in Fair Oaks, California managing their Biodynamic Internship Program.

“I have a deep dedication to biodynamics, sustainability, and serving humanity through the production of high-quality and medicinal herbs, and ethical care of animals,” explained Cyndi. “My commitment to honoring Mother Earth with biodynamic farming, and making exceptional herbal medicines are deeply in alignment with my values.”