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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s in the bottle?

Why can’t you state what an herbal supplement is good for on the label or your website?

As an herbal supplement company, we adhere to the Food and Drug Administration’s guidelines. You’ll find a statement on most of our bottles directly below the name of the product that has been substantiated and evaluated by the FDA and clinical research. We are not doctors. We do not prescribe herbal supplements. Consult your health care provider before taking any of our supplements.
Where is the alcohol derived from in your alcohol extracts?

The alcohol used in our liquid extracts is certified organic, pharmaceutical grade alcohol. It is derived from corn, sugar cane or wheat. Any plant proteins that may cause allergic reactions are removed in the distillation phase of the production process, making this organic alcohol both gluten-free and allergen-free. The alcohol used in our biodynamic tonics is Demeter Certified Biodynamic® grape alcohol.

Where does the plant material come from in your herbal supplements?

We have an expansive farm in Central Oregon where we work hard to grow many of the plants used in making our certified organic and biodynamic herbal supplements. We’d love to be able to grow everything we use, but that’s simply not possible. Many medicinal plants thrive in certain growing climates and conditions. For example, some herbs thrive in the thin air of the Andes Mountains, in Siberia’s harsh climate, or in Vanuatu’s hot humidity. So, we scour the planet in search of the highest quality, most potent certified organic plant material if we can’t grow it ourselves. It takes a lot to become one of our herbal supplements. Everything undergoes rigorous testing before becoming a capsule or extract and we reject plant material if it doesn’t meet our stringent criteria. For more about our quality control and testing practices, visit our Quality Control page.

How can I be sure your capsules contain what you say?

We weigh capsules constantly throughout each encapsulation run to ensure weights are within a very narrow range. Anything outside the range is rejected. The ingredient amounts are determined based on therapeutic activity and are validated with scientific research.

Is your facility gluten-free and peanut-free? 


Do your products contain stearates?

No, our encapsulated supplements do not contain stearates, also known as magnesium stearate or stearic acid. Stearates are an additive used as a lubricant or flowing agent to speed up the production process and prevent herbal powders from clumping. We believe in keeping the ingredients in our supplements natural, clean and clear of fillers or additives like stearate. Even if that means running our batches a bit more slowly. 

How are your bulk herbs packaged?  

Our whole, powdered and cut-and-sift bulk herbs are packaged in resealable, food-grade plastic bags designed to retain freshness and maintain plant integrity by controlling oxygen permeability and resistance to exterior chemical exposure.  

What does Non-GMO mean on your label?

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms. As a certified organic and biodynamic company and grower, Oregon’s Wild Harvest’s products are Non-GMO and they always will be, just as nature intended. Currently, the only way to know for sure that you’re not consuming GMOs is to look for the words certified organic or certified biodynamic on the label.

Why are some of your encapsulated products not labeled as organic? 

We strictly follow the organic labeling laws and are not allowed to state a product is "organic" on the front panel of the label if the combined weight of all the ingredients, including the capsule, is less than 70% organic. 

Country of Origin

What is the country of origin for my product?

Where our raw material comes from depends on the herb, time of year, last harvest, and more. Therefore, our herbs can come from multiple locations around the world. Each and every one of our bottled products features a Certificate of Authenticity (found on the product page) with the country of origin(s) listed.  If you have a question regarding your specific bottle, please contact us with the lot number on the bottle, and we'll confirm the herb's country of origin for you. 

What is the country of origin on bulk herbs?

Please contact us for the most current sourcing information. 



Testing & Quality Control

Do you test for heavy metals, including lead?

Do we ever! We test for heavy metals including arsenic, cadmium, and lead using graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry. We have some of the strictest standards in the industry for quality on all levels. Lead is naturally present in all soil. Because of this, a plant’s uptake of lead may occur throughout the entire growing process. We are confident that our products are safe and contain the lowest amount of heavy metals, including lead, as possible.

What else do you test for?

We evaluate plant material for foreign matter, and aflatoxins (toxic compounds). Click here to learn more about our testing and quality control practices. 

Do you irradiate or fumigate any of the ingredients used in your products?

Our herbs, teas and spices are never irradiated or fumigated with ethylene oxide gas. 

Whole Plant vs Standardized Extract

Which is better? Whole herbs or standardized extracts?

For most of our supplements, we believe using the whole herb is best way to go and that nature is the better formulator. Here’s why. Whole herbs contain ALL the constituents of the plant- sometimes hundreds in one plant. We value the synergistic activity of the whole plant, knowing that whole herbs have numerous supporting constituents, far beyond that of an isolated single compound. Whole herbs have a long track record of success going back thousands of years, compared to recent research which is often funded by extract manufacturers. We grow and harvest many of our certified organic and biodynamic plant material at the ideal time to ensure optimum potency and use High-Performa High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) tests to verify potency and active constituents for maximum benefit.

Explain the use of standardized extracts in some of the encapsulated herb products? 

There are some herbs in which the research is very compelling and consistent in terms of safety and results. We combine the whole herb with the standardized extract to empower the herb and provide a product that is effective and still connected to nature. 

Dosage Information

How much is a dose?  

There’s a lot to our labels, including the recommended dosage indicated on the bottle. The dose is based on an adult of average (150 pounds) weight. Obviously, dosages can vary based on your size, your issue, the desired strength of the supplement, etc. Our dosages are a general recommendation. 

How is a dosage determined?

The recommended dose is based on an adult of average (150 pounds) weight. It is a guideline based on clinical and/or historical evidence. In general, most medicinal herbs require a period of time to become effective. Be patient.

Can I give my young children the herbal extracts that aren’t specifically part of your KIDS line?

Our herbal liquids are safe for adults and children alike. We recommend following Clark’s Rule to adjust the dosage for a child, based on their size.

Clark’s Rule is one of several different methods of calculating pediatric dosages. This method can be used to adjust the recommended adult dosage for children. Clark’s Rule uses the body weight of the child in pounds, NEVER in kilograms to calculate a child’s dose.

Here is the formula:

  • Adult dose ___ X by weight of child ÷ 150 = Child’s dose
Here’s an example:
  • An adult dose of an herbal extract is 40 drops. A 6-year old child weighs 50 pounds. Multiply 40 x 50 pounds = 2,000 ÷ 150 = to get a child’s dose of approx. 13 drops

Can I take your herbal supplements indefinitely? 

Generally, it is best not to take medicinal herbal supplements continuously for a long period of time without a 'rest' period. Intake can be resumed after an adequate 'rest' period. You’ll find information on our labels and this website about the intended long-term or short-term use of a supplement. Keep in mind, each herb is unique and must be considered on an individual basis.
Are your herbal supplements safe for young children? 

We offer a small line of Oregon’s Wild Harvest KIDS products specifically formulated for children, ages 2-12. When giving your child our supplements from our regular line, we recommend following Clark’s Rule of Dosage for determining the best dosage based on your child’s weight.
Are your supplements safe for the elderly? 

Caution must be exercised when herbs are going to be taken by the elderly. For older people, one-half to two-thirds of the recommended dose is usually adequate.
How can I determine the daily dosage of an herbal supplement? 

Herbs are best taken throughout the day to maintain a steady level of the medicinal herb circulating in the body. A person who drinks four cups of coffee daily normally does not drink those four cups in a five-minute period. Instead, they might drink four cups over the course of the entire day. Herbal supplements are the same way. If it is inconvenient to take the recommended dose of an herbal supplement three times daily, try twice daily. For acute conditions such as a cold, it is usually helpful to increase the number of times that the herb is taken per day for an optimum effect.
Most herbs do not have an immediate effect in the same way as, for example, aspirin or Ibuprofen might act on a headache. Therefore, it may require taking the recommended dosage consistently for approximately four to eight weeks before the beneficial effects are experienced.
Can I take medicinal herbal supplements with food? 

Please refer to our product label for best results, which offer guidance for taking supplements with or without food.  Most herbs are best taken on a slightly empty stomach; ideally about an hour after food, if taken with a larger meal.
When it says to take with food, how much food do I need to eat? 

Just a small amount. There is no need for a full stomach.  
What if this is my first time taking this herbal supplement?  

Try cutting the dose in half for the first two-to-three days. If you have multiple allergies and/or sensitivities, it’s a good idea to start with a quarter of the dose, and gradually work up to the recommended dose by doubling the amount each time the herb is taken.
How do I know which form of herbal supplement is best?
Liquid, powder or fresh whole herb? 
This really depends on the herb in question and your personal preference. There have only been a few simple test tube studies comparing different types. Fresh whole herb is best for herbs that lose their activity upon drying. For instance, Feverfew is traditionally taken as a fresh leaf. The Feverfew capsules that we sell are made from freeze-dried Feverfew because this herb is probably susceptible to loss of compounds by regular drying methods. This is only one example. Many other herbs are very effective in the traditional dried form and very convenient for you. As in cooking, a dried herb means your dose looks smaller because the moisture has been removed vs. ingesting freshly dried plant material.   
Is there a difference in strength between capsules and liquid extract? 

There is very little difference between the extract and the liquid, other than the carrier (alcohol or glycerin versus the capsule). Encapsulated herbs contain fiber since they are comprised of the whole herb. Liquids tend to absorb more easily and quickly than capsules. You might try taking both forms to see which one fits your needs better.  
Can I take all the capsules together or should I space them out? 

It is really your preference. If the label dose states 1 capsule 3 times daily, then we have recommended this because it’s best to take them at breakfast, lunch and dinner for a continued effect.
Can I open the capsule and mix in with my food or water? 

If you prefer. Opening capsules can be messy and difficult for some. If swallowing capsules is difficult, consider trying our liquid herbal extracts, which can be mixed with water, tea or taken directly.   

Do you have an Auto-Reorder Program?

Yes! It’s simple to subscribe and a great way to save money on supplements you take on an ongoing basis. We think of it as a care-package for your body.
Here’s how it works: 
  • Shop our website as you normally would, selecting products that you’re interested in.  
  • When adding items to your cart, you’ll be asked if you an item to be a one-time purchase or if you’d like to “subscribe and save.”
  • By selecting “subscribe and save” that item will be placed on auto-reorder with a recurring delivery schedule selected by you - every week, each month, four times a year - you name it.  
  • And, you can manage your subscriptions: adding or removing items, change your delivery schedule or cancel at any time.