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Herbal Medicine

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Better for you and our planet.

As certified organic farmers since 1994, our regenerative practices heal the land and water and sequester carbon from the atmosphere, while ensuring that pure, potent herbal medicine is available today and for future generations.

Our Summer Specials

Enjoy savings on our most wide variety of herbal products yet! From tonics to capsules to liquid herbal extracts – it's a wonderful
opportunity to stock up for summertime and beyond. 

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Support more restful sleep*
Sleep Better™

After a season full of celebrations and on-the-go adventures, the busy-ness of summer can catch up to us. The end of summer is a natural time to get your wellness & sleep routines back in shape with the help of our gentle, yet effective herb formula, Sleep Better™. Full of nothing but whole, organic herbs, it gives your body and mind the opportunity to chill.* 

Herbal Combos

Our thoughtfully crafted formulas provide traditional herb combinations that are synergistic and safe. The ingredients work together to create products that holistically support and nourish every body system, especially in times of stress. By combining certain herbs, the effectiveness is enhanced, providing a line-up of traditional herbal remedies suitable for modern times.*