What you see on the label is exactly what’s inside. Without compromise.

We use four distinct tests to verify identity:

The quality of each ingredient is identified with FT-Infrared spectroscopy. A "match" is required between the tested material and the specifications listed in our database. Our specifications guarantee a consistent product each time, and you can rest assured that what’s inside the bottle is exactly what is stated on the label.

While modern analytical technology is exciting, the human senses are still superior for assessing the freshness and quality of a product. This is known as organoleptic assessment. A trained technician scrutinizes color, flavor, texture, aroma and particle size. If the plant passes our taste and sniff test, often considered the toughest inspection of all, it gets the green light to move on to the next test.

Microscopic assessment relies on the eyes, a hand-held magnifying glass, a jeweler’s loupe, and compound and dissecting microscopes. This process gives us an up-close look at plant parts for botanical identity.

For macroscopic analysis we use our 20/20 vision. This method of plant material identification uses traits that are visible to the naked eye so we can verify we have the right plant.