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Lemon Balm. Tea, Extract or Herbal Capsule?
In-house Ayurvedic Health Coach and Herbalist, Joanne Roberts, highlights the medicinal qualities and applications of herbal superstar, Lemon Balm. She also discusses the many benefits and drawbacks between various delivery methods like capsules, extracts and teas.
Self-Care, Stress Resilience and Hormesis
Stress resilience is a result of a balanced system and repeated low dose stress from exercise, cold showers, fasting, and also from diet and herbs. The process is known as hormesis. A recent paper discussed the Mediterranean diet and attributes the process of hormesis from certain food compounds to the success of this diet. In recognition of Father’s Day this month, we are extending an invitation to develop a regular self-care practice of ingesting some herbal hormetins for year-round resilience.