EMFs and the Human Biofield

The human biofield refers to an energy field that exists in our bodies and sustains life. It is also known as prana, qi, or vital force in different traditions and is the basis for multiple therapies including qigong, tai chi, homeopathy, EFT, reiki etc. Electromagnetic forces (EMFs), including 5G, interact with our biofield as interconnected energy fields. The health effects of EMF exposure are still being studied, and there is no conclusive consensus due to our current understanding of the human body.

Ancient Ayurvedic texts describe how electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from lightning caused various symptoms by impacting the subtle body. These vibrational toxins had different effects on individuals, and fortunately, there are recommendations to mitigate them. Balancing the effects of EMR involved incorporating more earth and water elements into one’s routine and diet, such as summer squash, greens, fresh fruit, juice, yogurt, and ghee. Certain herbs and spices like ashwagandha, licorice, cumin, coriander, fennel, black pepper, green cardamom, and turmeric, are known to cleanse the energy channels in the body.

Apart from reducing exposure to EMFs, good practices include having houseplants, spending time walking in moonlight or near water, grounding practices like being in nature and connecting with the earth and trees, and rinsing the face with cool water multiple times a day. A wonderful practice to clear the subtle body channels is alternate nostril breathing.

By adopting these practices and incorporating balancing elements and herbs into our daily lives, we can help promote a healthier interaction between EMFs and our biofield, potentially reducing any negative effects.

Joanne Roberts,
Product Development Scientist


About Joanne Roberts

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