Certified organic since 1994.

Growing and consuming certified organic herbs makes sense on so many levels. They’re better for you and the planet. That’s why we grow and procure certified organic plant material for your supplements. The organic farming process brings more of the plant’s beneficial properties and compounds to you. Plus, organic farming nurtures soil, sustains clean water, slows erosion and supports wildlife. What’s not to love about being organic?

Rest easy knowing the certified organic products you buy are grown without harmful pesticides or chemicals. They’re Non-GMO, naturally. So, they’ve never been genetically altered in any way.

Why Organic Plants Provide Greater Health Benefits

Normally when we are in the store eyeing the organic tomatoes in comparison to their cheaper counterparts, we only really consider paying more because we desire a food without synthetic chemical pesticides and herbicides. Perhaps equally important are the natural compounds that are higher in organic food according to studies.

Protecting Nature’s Tiny Workers

One of the simplest ways to understand the advantages of organic and biodynamic agriculture is to think about the connection between people, plants and pollinators.