Biodynamic Farming

Going beyond organic.

Biodynamic is more than a farming method, it’s a belief system — a holistic way of seeing and understanding the natural world. As biodynamic farmers, we’re stewards of our land, balancing science with intuition. Biodynamic farming brings plants, animals and human beings together to restore and harmonize the vital forces of the farm.

Austrian philosopher, social reformer and architect Rudolph Steiner was the founder of both Waldorf education and the principles of biodynamic agriculture. His methodology for schooling, farming and spirituality involve looking at activities and life holistically.

The way we care for the soil, plants, pollinators, animals and each other follow the guidelines set forth by the nonprofit Demeter USA® — the world's only certifier of biodynamic farms and products — which go beyond organic and ensures integrity from our seed to your supplement.

The Dynamics of Biodynamic Farming

Our Biodynamic Herbal Tonics

We’ve created a one-of-a-kind line of 10 liquid herbal tonics. All of the fresh, medicinal plant material in each bottle is grown with love on our Demeter Certified Biodynamic®️ farm in Central Oregon. Each tonic features a popular single raw herb or herbal formula developed to naturally address the most common conditions such as stress, sleep or immunity and to help restore and maintain balance throughout all body systems.*