Testing & Standards

Your health and safety are central to everything we do.

With practices grounded in holistic medicine and state-of-the-art rigorous scientific testing, we take a hands-on, closed-loop approach to quality control. This ensures maximum control over the identity, quality, potency and safety of all the ingredients and the production process every step of the way.

The diligence and care we put into expertly producing your supplements are done with your wellness and safety at heart.

Behind every bottle is an in-house team of experts in chemistry, biology, botany, food science and pharmacognosy. We follow a rigorous system of steps and tests to ensure that what we put into every product is 100% pure and true to genus and species.

proof positive testing

No root, stem, leaf, bud or blossom goes unverified.

Tests don't stress us out.

We test for pathogenic E. coli bacteria, salmonella, yeast, mold and aerobic plate count and Aflatoxin (a fungal toxin that cancontaminate crops during production, harvest, storage or processing).

We use authentication as a comparison of our examination results with those of validated reference standards in order to ensure proper identification. All raw plant material, regardless of origin undergoes a series of authentication tests in our on-site lab. If it doesn't pass each test here it never becomes part of our family of supplements.

Call us crazy, but we believe the best way to ensure quality, purity and potency is by consistently testing plants, soil and even the water.