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Meet one of our highly skilled Quality Control Technicians
We take great steps to ensure the quality of every single ingredient and packaging component we use to produce our award-winning products. Our team of highly skilled Quality Control Technicians, including Jonathon Simonsen, are an integral part of that process.
The face behind the voice: Daniel Alderete, Customer Service Associate
Meet the face behind the voice! From the moment he answers the phone, our customers know they’re talking with someone who is genuine and supportive.
Meet Eli Nourse, Warehouse Manager
This energetic father of two is a forward-thinking, innovative man that always has a big smile and seemingly unlimited energy. Eli enjoys…
Meet Gabriella Diaz, Production Supervisor
This mother of five first started working on our farms in July of 2014. Later that year Gabriella moved over to our Encapsulation Department. And, being an awesomely talented lady, she quickly learned how to master our very complex encapsulation equipment.
Meet Natasha Cerruti, Scientist
Natasha Cerruti joined our Research and Laboratory Services in December of 2017. This highly skilled young lady graduated from Oregon State University with degrees in Biology (BS) and Plant Pathology (MS).
Farm Women Rock: Meet Cyndi Pointer
We’re lucky to have smart, strong and unstoppable women working at our company, both in our building and on our farm. Our latest addition is Cyndi Pointer, who’s one of our best tractor drivers and fence builders and does it all with love and devotion.