Meet Natasha Cerruti, Scientist

Natasha Cerruti joined our Research and Laboratory Services in December of 2017. This highly skilled young lady graduated from Oregon State University with degrees in Biology (BS) and Plant Pathology (MS).

Before joining our quality assurance team, Natasha worked in microbiology research labs, research and production farms and greenhouse production.

She is currently responsible for all raw material testing. Simply put, she makes sure everything is clean and safe for human consumption. She also runs plant identity testing, quality testing and is now qualified to run our new GC/-MS – MS — a fancy machine that allows us to test for pesticide residue, fatty acids and complex terpenes.  

Her favorite thing about working here is learning about the history and medicinal qualities of herbs. She loves to garden, play with her dogs and hike in the mountains. She just got married in Las Vegas by Elvis — yes Elvis! Her new husband, Jon, also works here in Quality Control. Women rock!