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Farm Manager

Title: Farm Manager
Department: Farm
Location: Redmond, OR
Classification: Full Time, Exempt
Reports to: CEO/CFO    

OWH firmly believes that our employees are the heart of our success.  Through teamwork, dedication and OWH guidelines, our employees thrive individually and as a whole.  This position description is designed to outline essential functions and qualifications, not to restrict one’s specified duties, but to summarize expectations and scope of responsibilities to foster individual and group success.

Job Summary:
The primary function of the Farm Manager is planning, coordinating and oversight of all farming operations. The Farm Manager must have a thorough understanding of Organic farming methods, including a good understanding of all guidelines presented by OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute), which is accredited by USDA organic. These regulations include the regulatory text administered by the USDA and the NOP (National Organic Program).

Job Responsibilities:
  • Analyze and manage daily farm operations;
  • Following Organic farming methods to build Soil health, which is the cornerstone of all organic and biodynamic farming. This also includes a good understanding of irrigation and erosion control methods;
  • Collect soil samples and analyze test results to take appropriate measures;
  • Recognize and address plant disease or pest control following OMRI guidelines;
  • Planning and directing the seasonal activities around the farming operations, including developing and maintaining a staffing plan to meet the seasonal needs and fluctuations in work;
  • Anticipating and managing inventories, supplies and equipment that is needed for each season and phase of the crops, working closely with Supply Chain Management;
  • Develop and maintain the records management system and guidelines per SOPs;
  • Develop and manage budgets, accounting, and reporting for the farm operations in a timely manner;
  • Oversee farming staff (control and supervision, including Assistant Farm Manager and farm crew);
  • Manage personnel and human resources based on best practices;
  • Provide orientation and training for farm employees and communicate/coordinate with Human Resources to ensure timely compliance with new employee paperwork, performance reviews, and training;
  • Work with/coordinate with Supply Chain Management team in planning, developing or adjusting the harvest to meet the needs for raw materials. 
  • Ensure efficient use of the farm staff’s scheduling and training;
  • Ensure performance and efficiency goals are met; train staff in proper handling of crops & equipment;
  • Conduct safety training on all equipment;
  • Diagnose and solve agricultural production problems;
  • Ensure proper safety precautions are being taken and staff receives appropriate safety training;
  • Oversee the maintenance of all farm and processing equipment, which is the responsibility of the farm mechanic. Reviewing current maintenance logs on service and maintenance;
  • Run reports (invoice, schedules, and batch paperwork for each job on production floor);
  • Coordinate with Supply Chain Management to schedule delivery of raw materials;
  • Have open line of communication with other departments/management
  • Other duties as assigned by management;

  • Education: High School Diploma or equivalent; Associates or Bachelor’s Degree in agriculture, horticulture, or related field plus
  • Forklift certification may be required 
CPR and First Aid certification required

  • Minimum 5 years in farming, agriculture or related field required
  • Minimum 4 years in a supervisory role successfully leading and developing teams
  • Minimum 4 years in a management/leadership role

Other Demonstrated Skills:
  • Must be hard working and highly motivated
  • Superb planning and organizational skills
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Able to work under pressure, successfully managing change and course correction
  • Managerial skills and leadership qualities are needed
  • Must be familiar with budgeting, accounting (Microsoft Excel)
  • Must be familiar with Health & Safety regulations
  • Manages stress and conflicts appropriately
  • Intermediate/Advanced command of Spanish language; Fluent English

Physical Requirements and Working Conditions:
  • Ability to sit, stand, walk and move rapidly frequently
  • Ability to handle up to 100 lbs occasionally, with or without lifting aides and up to 50 lbs frequently
  • Push/pull hand trucks and pallet jacks containing product of substantial weight occasionally
  • Exposure to dust/fumes, moving mechanical parts and operating heavy equipment
  • Combination of indoors and outdoors
  • Exposure to sunlight and hot/cold or inclement weather
  • Must be able to perform the essential functions of the job with or without accommodation

US Citizenship or Permanent Resident (Green Card) required

OWH is an equal opportunity employer committed to building a diverse culture that values teamwork, integrity, innovations and an unwavering commitment to our customers.

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