We Love Dandelions

As we begin another season of biodynamic "prep" making, we must first make and store our preps for the following year.

Beautiful yellow Dandelion flowers are used to make biodynamic prep BD 506. This provides two key elements required for healthy soil and strong plant growth; silica and potassium.

But on our farm, every part of the Dandelion plant is useful. Soon we will harvest the leaves and then the roots, that will be used in our herbal supplements like biodynamic tonic Happy Bitters or our organic Milk Thistle Dandelion capsules, to name a couple.

Here's a poem our co-founder, Randy, wrote about these beautiful and useful plants:

Dandelions appear in early spring

oh such a simple and magnificent thing

They have beautiful golden yellow hair
reaching high up into the air

But as the days do pass
the hair turns grey with seeds, abundant alas
Then with a gentle breeze
that lifts the seeds,

Riding on tiny parachutes
the seeds blow away

Then falling to the ground
but never to be found

Until another day

And the circle of life carries on

This beautiful flower, a magnificent thing
will come to visit us again next spring