Notes From the Farm: Summer Edition

As we move into the hot, fertile months ahead we are keeping quite busy on the farm. We have transplanted Valerian, Echinacea, Skullcap and many more from greenhouse to field. We have also cut and baled over 150 tons of organic hay, which our animals love and others can buy locally. We are up with the sun every day: weeding by hand, planting, watering, harvesting and giving gratitude for another day of living this simple, hard-working life.

Today I would like to introduce a wild character from the farm, Striker; a Red-tailed hawk. Here are his observations of life from above:

‘My family has been living on this farm for over 100 years. As I fly over the fields I am noticing changes. There are more mice to snack on. There are people out in the fields and they are growing beautiful flowers; such a nice change. I no longer smell chemicals and there are more insects for the swallows to eat. Bugs are a good thing to see. The river water is now clean and clear, free from chemical run-off. Native trout have returned to these waters, making for many delicious meals. This piece of earth is in a state of healing and regeneration.

Now the land is a place for all birds to visit: Osprey, Eagles, Falcons, Wood Ducks, Mallards, Geese, Crows, Vultures, Blue Herons and our famous White Trumpeter Swans. No hunting allowed here. No pesticides to poison the mice, fish or baby waterfowl, just as nature intended long before men came to this valley demanding and extracting as if the land owed them something. It feels more like home than ever.’

I smiled as I listened to him talk. It only reinforced what I already knew — take care of the land, take care of the creatures that live there and the land will take care of us. Striker and I have become good friends and we visit a few minutes each day. I will be depending on him to give me the wildlife report on the Oregon’s Wild Harvest farm.

Living in harmony with the land is what we are proud to do. And in the middle of this living comes the huge privilege of growing clean, medicinal herbs now and for future generations. Our children and grandchildren are a big reason behind why we do this work. That is why even at 70 years old I work sun up to sundown seven days a week, to provide our customers with the highest quality plant material possible. It is what keeps me going. It is what keeps me smiling. Thank you for supporting us on this journey to heal plants, people and the planet.

Peace and blessings my friends,

Randy Buresh, Co-Founder and Lead Farmer