Unforgettable Rosemary Infused Oil

Rosemary is coming into her element this time of season. She provides us with warmth and stimulation to encourage that prana (vital energy) back into our bodies, which may be a little sluggish at this cold and damp time of year. Her warm and stimulating qualities yield perfectly to the cold and slow qualities of the oil, resulting in a balanced, dual-purpose recipe that can enhance your meals and is equally amazing for self-care. Rosemary is a hardy, prolific evergreen shrub that is ready to use year-round, making it an easy and accessible candidate for your herbal DIY recipes.

In our self-care routine, we utilize this when we feel chilled to the bone, or when we are experiencing stress and general muscle tension. Warming the oil slightly and applying gently to the temples and to the crown of the head is a wonderful way to glean the benefits of Rosemary in a very subtle manner that is likely to encourage feelings of calm and clarity.

Rosemary Infused Oil


1 cup of olive oil

1 cup of freshly chopped Rosemary or 1/3 cup of dried Rosemary
7 drops of Rosemary essential oil (omit if using the oil in foods)

  • Add water to a saucepan, crockpot or Instapot pan
  • Combine the olive oil and Rosemary in a small glass or stainless steel bowl and sit it in the pan of water and slow cook for 3 hours
  • Strain the Rosemary and discard
  • Add the essential oil to the oil
  • Store in a dry glass jar in a cool, dark place