Balancing Life and Business

In the early 90s, Randy and Pam Buresh had a dream to naturally heal the body and the earth by growing and manufacturing organic herbal supplements. Randy’s background as a registered surgical nurse for over 20 years piqued his interest in traditional herbal medicine. A compassionate caregiver and farmer by nature, he was always in search of less invasive treatments for illness and health conditions. Randy’s youth spent working on his uncle’s farm planted the idea of stewarding the land by growing and procuring herbs. It became the perfect segue into starting an herbal supplement business.

By 1994, the couple made it happen. Randy’s healthcare and herbal expertise and Pam’s business savvy was the perfect formula to help Oregon’s Wild Harvest take root.

Pam put her energy into gaining extensive experience in the herbal products industry. She was determined to do things right from the very beginning, a tenant of the company that holds true today. Ensuring the highest level of integrity in plant material wasn’t just a good idea it was a moral imperative for the couple.

Shortly after starting the business, a trip to Mexico threatened to derail the couple’s dreams. Pam became deathly ill from an unknown toxin. Doctors, specialists, naturopaths and even the acupuncturist were stumped. Randy used his expertise in traditional herbal medicine to also search for a way to treat his wife’s mysterious illness.

After three long months of Chinese herbs and homemade organic herbal remedies, Pam was on the mend. This near-death experience made Pam and Randy more determined than ever to ensure that Oregon’s Wild Harvest products would always be of the highest quality, purity and integrity.