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Herbal Love Bath Bomb
You can make these fun and effervescent “bombs” of love. They're a great gift for a valentine or can be a lovely gesture of self-care.
Ashwagandha Massage Oil: A New Year, A New Ritual
Using herbal massage oil is a great way to wind down before sleeping or meditation, especially if you are new to meditation and find it challenging to turn off the brain after a long day. Ashwagandha oil (in a sesame oil base) is the ultimate warm herbal hug and if practiced consistently, the effects are cumulative and powerful.
Spiced Cranberry Immune Building Relish*
This version of cranberry sauce is rich in microbiome-loving polyphenols and Ayurveda’s traditional immune-enhancing ingredients such as dates and honey.*
Cucumber Basil Refresher
Inspired by the summer heat and several very high-yielding cucumber plants, we made this very refreshing drink using the sun tea method.
Lovely Lemon Balm Barley Lemonade
Our recipe for lemon balm is the perfect “balm” for a hot summer day when we are feeling hot and perhaps a little agitated. The cooling properties of lemon balm team up with the barley, which is used medicinally across many cultures, notably Britain, Greece and parts of Asia.
Dandy Liver-Loving Coffee
We hope you try our Dandy Liver-Loving Coffee recipe. It can be enjoyed two ways; for the hard-core herb-lovers it can be directly substituted in their morning coffee. Dandelion is extremely bitter, (really! It IS a bitter). Alternatively, for people wishing to reduce their caffeine intake, we encourage you to combine the dandelion brew with their morning cuppa. Life is all about balance!
Radical Herbal Hydrotherapy
It is time for some radical self-care to ease the worries of the pandemic and allow mother nature to ease the tension from our bodies in a luxurious herbal bath. We may not be able to venture to the Spa, but with a little preparation we can create a wonderful hydrotherapy experience in our own homes using just a few ingredients.
Elderberry Cordial
Elderberry cordial is made to capture the essence of the elderberry in anticipation of the upcoming winter to help our immune systems. Recently there has been much excitement in the scientific community about how berries, and especially elderberry, has a very positive effect on our gut microbiome.