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Notes From the Farm: Summer Edition
As we move into the hot, fertile months ahead we are keeping quite busy on the farm. We have transplanted Valerian, Echinacea, Skullcap and many more from greenhouse to field.
Hosting the next generation of healers.
Here’s the latest group of students from Bastyr University…
We Love Dandelions
On our farm, every part of the Dandelion plant is useful.
Nurturing Endangered Plants
If a medicinal plant is endangered, we make every effort to grow it ourselves or we find a responsible resource to harvest it in the wild.
Protecting Nature’s Tiny Workers
One of the simplest ways to understand the advantages of organic and biodynamic agriculture is to think about the connection between people, plants and pollinators.
Room to Grow
Our new farm is very special. The soil is rich, clean water from the Crooked River is plentiful, and the ranch itself, surrounded by rugged rimrock, was the childhood homestead of former Oregon Governor Tom McCall.