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Nourishing the Heart
Q: Is it true that food alone is sufficient to nourish the body? For instance, for heart health?

A: I share with my patients this simple illustration: A health-promoting diet is like the tiles on a kitchen counter.
Finding Your Summer Zen
Who would have imagined that 2020 would bring such disruption to the lives of humanity around the globe? As we are in the midst of summertime, a season that typically conjures a sense of nostalgia, joy, and fond memories of grand adventures, many of us are sequestered in our homes.
Stress and Anxiety
Q.  I am feeling super stressed out and would normally say that I can weather virtually anything. Yet, the current situation here and in the world is honestly getting the better part of me. Help!
Wellness for Women
Q.  I know you can’t give me individual medical advice, but might there be a couple of supplements that may nourish my body? My medical doctor knows that I have monthly breast pain and menstrual cramps with general body pain that lasts for 3 to 5 days. They suggested OTC medications. Is there something natural that I should talk to my medical provider about and try for a couple of months?
Nurturing your Body During Turbulent Times

It is officially time to help your body “adapt” with adaptogens

It is amazing how resilient and adaptable human beings are. And even as we are challenged in this ever-changing world, we are managing to redefine “normal” and collectively support each other in new ways.

Ideas for Reducing Holiday Stress
Q. I am feeling guilty about not getting excited about the holidays like I use too. I am a parent of two wonderful young kids and have a loving significant other, but over the last couple of years I am just not feeling the joy around the winter holiday season like I use to. I am finding it more stressful and I feel worn out. Do you have any advice?
Surviving Cold Season
Q. Dr. Meletis, I can’t figure out why I seem to get sick every year during the cold season, yet other people never seem to get even a sniffle. Do you have any insights as to why I am so susceptible to getting colds?
Ashwagandha: Ayurveda's Most Highly Acclaimed Adaptogen
Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is not just another adaptogenic herb; I find the clinical applications for this herb absolutely amazing. I am pleased to report that both self-directed consumers and the scientific community have finally discovered the amazing and broad benefits of Ashwagandha.
Men’s Health: Feeling Old and Tired

Q.  I’m a 40-year-old man with three awesome kids and a loving partner but I feel like I can barely show up to life. Honestly, I can’t believe how tired and overwhelmed I feel! Advise?

Coping with Menopausal Symptoms
Q:  What should I do to help my body cope with symptoms of menopause? I’m fine one moment, then the next second, I am having a hot flash or get brain fog.
Managing PMS Symptoms
Q. What can I do to manage my PMS symptoms?
Why all the Hormone-Related Conditions in Women?
Q: As a holistic doctor, what is your take on why it seems the last couple generations of women have been having their periods earlier and earlier, and there seems to be more endometriosis, fibroids, cancers, etc. Something just seems wrong or off.
Brain Power: Nurturing your Billions of Neurons*
Let's take a look at some compelling nutrients and botanicals that can help you tend to your 100 billion nerve farm called the brain.
Heart-Nurturing Goals
When supplementing a heart-healthy diet, I encourage my patients to focus on four major heart-nurturing goals.
Cordyceps to Support Athletic Performance*
Q: I’ve heard that the mushroom supplement Cordyceps can support athletic performance. Can you tell me more?