Stress and Anxiety

Q.  I am feeling super stressed out and would normally say that I can weather virtually anything. Yet, the current situation here and in the world is honestly getting the better part of me. Help!

A:  You are not alone. I hear this even my toughest patients. We all carry a certain “stress burden” that we do our best to manage day in and day out. Occasionally, extra life events manifest in our lives; but some are different. The worst stresses are the ones we have little control over.

I have been advising my patients to focus first and foremost on mindfulness and where possible in their lives to focus on the areas that they can be grateful for. An attitude of gratitude even in the worse circumstances, looking on the areas of hope and blessings, can help us stay grounded. Reaching out and supporting people in our circle of friends and family can also provide each of us with a sense of purpose and community. Thus, finding and using mind and spirit nourishing tools that you already possess or taking this opportunity (notice how I said opportunity) to grow in areas that otherwise you would not have had the time or motivation to pursue can help manifest success that will last years in the future.

Nutritionally it is important to fuel your body with positive intention, eat as well as you can. Get your sleep, if you are having trouble sleeping herbals like Valerian, Passionflower, Hops and various herbals that can be found in Sleep Better™ can help support a natural sleep cycle.* As I share with my patients, sleep is not just rest. It is the time we restore ourselves; “RESToration!” Without adequate sleep, our immune and nervous systems become weakened and are more susceptible to external risk factors.

My go-to for my patients is Stress Guard™. This formula contains the adaptive effects of Ashwagandha to address the adrenal burden, the immune system and adrenal supportive properties of Licorice, the calming effect of Skullcap and L-Theanine, while providing the broad effects of Holy Basil that my patients often refer to as an inner sense of peace and relaxation.*

Truly the best medicine for yourself and your loved ones during this challenging time is to embrace goodness, kindness, hope, harmony and peace.

Remembering to take the time to nourish your physical body with health-promoting habits including a balanced diet, sleep and exercise. And actively refusing to embrace the chaotic energy that seems to be rippling through society. And augment these steps with the use of traditional herbals that have been used by our ancestors for millennia.

Peace and Abundant Blessings,
Dr. Chris Meletis, ND

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