Cordyceps to Support Athletic Performance*

Q: I’ve heard that the mushroom supplement Cordyceps can support athletic performance. Can you tell me more?

A: This amazing mushroom has been long revered for its ability to support athletic performance. There have been a few studies showing that it can help support exercise performance while at the same time as serving as an adaptogen. Particularly interesting to me is that there is some evidence pointing to Cordyceps ability to help the mitochondria in our cells make ATP, our energy currency that allows us to have the energy to exercise and our bodies to function. I really like the quote in the following scientific article found in Chinese Medicine, published in 2007: “Cordyceps, highly regarded as a tonifying herb with a dual action of Yin and Yang, stimulates mitochondrial ATP generation and enhances cellular immune responses.”

Here is a link to the full article to read more. The bottom line is that the body needs a constant supply of ATP to keep it going and accomplish and maintain our wellness goals. As 2019 proceeds, I guarantee that if you are wellness-focused, you will read a lot more about mitochondria and ATP, as it literally is what keeps us all going.

Peace and Abundant Blessings,
Dr. Chris Meletis, N.D.

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